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An Interactive Explorer for Egeria’s Open Metadata Types

Egeria incorporates a large, sophisticated Open Metadata Type system that continues to grow and evolves with the Egeria Community’s needs. The Egeria web site Egeria Project – Open metadata and governance for enterprises provides the definitive reference for Egeria’s implementation and use. However, it can be difficult to explore and understand how the different metadata elements fit together. We felt that the community would benefit from a more interactive tool for exploring Egeria’s models to help people understand, use, and extend Egeria.

This site, Egeria Open Metadata Types | Start Here – README, provides an interactive exploration of Egeria’s Open Metadata Types. It shows the Entities, Attributes, Classifications and Relationships between entities. The data in this site has been programmatically uploaded using the pyegeria · PyPI python client to Egeria into a public Brain TheBrain: The Ultimate Digital Memory.

Delivering Egeria information in this interactive manner is an ongoing experiment – please let us know if it is useful – and what we could do to make it better. Your feedback will be used to improve this site on an ongoing basis.

The information represented here is based on the current SNAPSHOT release of Egeria 4.4 which will shortly be released as Egeria version 5. Programatic ingestion is not always accurate – so please let us know if there are any questions or issues.