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Pragmatic Education

At Pragmatic Data Research (PDR) Ltd we provide executive consulting in our fields of expertise. We also develop and deliver both standardized and custom training to assist our clients on their path towards achieving business value through data management,  data governance, data product management, and other related topics – often, but not always,  leveraging the Egeria open source software platform.

While these subjects are technical (IT) in nature, our approach is always driven from the business needs and the perspectives of the business.  We have all seen too many apparently promising IT projects fail due to lack of focus on business value. 

In support of that we develop our workshops around a structured set of subjects:

  • Egeria concepts (what the technology enables)
  • Topology (How do you put things together)
  • Mechanisms (How things work)
  • Extending Egeria (Integrating new components)
  • Operating Egeria (Technical operations)
  • Using Egeria (Business operations)
  • Advanced Topics (Data Mesh, Observability, Reference Data, …)

and then break each subject into short topics that are described at 4 levels of knowledge:

  • Awareness – knowing what is possible
  • Core – knowing the basic capabilities
  • Mastery – knowing the advanced capabilities
  • Guru – able to strategize and teach the topic

Since not everyone needs all levels of knowledge for all topics, we identify the level of knowledge each of the following roles require:

  • Practitioner – responsible for the deployment and operation of Egeria
  • Architect – Design and lead integrations and components throughout the Egeria eco-system
  • Implementer – Develops and tests components and extensions
  • Enterprise Architect – Designs and leads cross organization evolution 
  • Business Data Manager – Manage and lead business areas in their data evolution
  • Data Users – Consumers of data products and assets

While these breakdown structures are based on our experience, we can also produce custom curricula around a specific client’s projects, terminology, standard roles, etc.

We believe that this structure provides an easily understood and pragmatic approach, allowing us to target the content to the needs of the participants. The material can be delivered through a mixture of on-site and remote sessions. To find out more about how PDR can help you fast-track your data program please contact us: